Angel Investor Steph Korey Highlights 2022 Investment Trends and Offers Advice to New Investors

5 Investment Trends to Watch in 2022

The Federal Reserve Will Likely Hike Interest Rates

Inflation May Become a Serious Concern

Frustrating Supply Chain Challenges Will Continue

Widespread Computer Chip Shortages Will Drag On

US Midterm Elections Will Create Uncertainty for Investors

Steph Korey Lays the Groundwork for New Investors

Find a Qualified Investment Advisor

Complete Pre-investment Checklist Items

Eliminate High-interest Personal Debt

Establish a Consistent Investment Schedule

Recognize the Value of Failure

About Steph Korey

Direct-to-consumer Marketing Skills Development

Focus on Angel/Early-stage Investments



Steph Korey is an entrepreneur with extensive experience, as well as an angel and early stage investor.

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